Proud to be part of three generations of Customs Brokers committed to the economic development of our country. Serving the import and export community since 1953. With offices in Mexico in the cities of Nogales and Agua Prieta, Sonora, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada and Tecate, Baja California and in the United States in the cities of Nogales, Arizona and Calexico and San Diego, California.

66 years of proven experience, infrastructure, technology, legal certainty, innovative capacity and systems that allow us to express and commit our services, with a guaranteed added value.

Licensed Customs Brokers

Mr. Oscar Alberto Mayer Martinez
License Number 1378
Filer Code 3611

Mrs. Fernanda Denisse Martinez Gutierrez
License Number 1709
In Substitution of:

Mr. Oscar Rene Mayer Ballesteros

Mr. Cuitlahuac Duarte Sigala
Filer Code 3822

Ms. Martha Elena Castillo Osorio
Filer Code 1746

Our Nature

Achieve increasing volume and market shares, being close to our customers, they are our reason for being. We promote a full development and professional fulfillment of our staff, oriented to lifelong professional growth.
To be recognized as the standard of excellence based on our commitment to staff and customer service, with maximum profitability.
Being a responsible citizen is not only right, but it is the right thing to make a successful business.
Because we are satisfied with a solid foundation, our values represent how we do business and our actions to customers, shareholders, employees and society in general.

  • Service. Execute our daily tasks with precision and excellence.
  • Honesty. Attribute we have on our personal, business and social relationships.
  • Teamwork. Communal effort that is required to ensure the effectiveness of our services based on integration and commitment.
  • Quality. Provide reliable services that exceed the expectations of our customers, always looking for continuous improvement to ensure compliance.
  • We value our staff. Recognize that people are the foundation of our success.

Quality Policy

To satisfy the needs of our customers through a guaranteed service that complies with the applicable requirements and continuous improvement of our processes.

Security Policy

To enhance the security of the foreign trade operations, through the identification, evaluation and combat of risks, such as smuggling, arms, people and prohibited merchandise trafficking, acts of terrorism and exchange of information, providing a service in accordance with applicable legal requirements, regulations and Authorized Economic Operator’s  (AEO) Standards, constant training and continuous improvement.

Code of Ethics

OMG Customs Brokerage Group has developed a Code of Ethics in order to implement a mandatory internal regulation, enabling it to maintain itself and report behaviors, communication channel, relationships and commitment to its customers, authorities, suppliers and partners, generally accepted by the organization, based on ethics, morality and decency. Situations not covered in this Code of Ethics shall be settled with a common sense approach. When in doubt, Executive Board, General Management and/or Human Resources department will be consulted.

Psychosocial Risk Prevention Policy

To promote a favorable working environment, through the identification, analysis and prevention of psychosocial risk factors and workplace violence in the company, in full compliance with our Code of ethics and organizational values and the continuous improvement of working conditions.