Recinto fiscalizado y punto de inspección

Established on the border fiscal zone in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, next to Nogales, AZ, USA, it has the SAGARPA authorization to operate as storage and inspection facility for meat, vegetables and fruit products, with 50,000 square feet of frozen and refrigerated storage rooms, as well as specialized equipment and personnel for handling your shipments. Certified in CTPAT.

Has PROFEPA-SEMARNAT approval to operate as a inspection point for merchandise shipments subject to regulation by PROFEPA, to carry out the verification process registration.

The Bonded Warehouse in accordance with the regime, resembles a small trade zone, since the import and sale of merchandise are subject to multiple tax exemptions. It consists of the introduction of national goods by a limited time, being nationalized or foreign, to be object of handling, storage, transformation, repair, exhibition, sale, distribution or elaboration.

The Bonded Warehouse is flexible to regime changes since the goods can be removed from the warehouse to:

  • Be permanently imported  if the goods are of foreign origin.
  • Be temporarily imported by companies with export programs authorized by the Ministry of Economy.
  • Be permanently exported in case the goods are of domestic origin or to be returned to the market once the regime is abandoned.
  • Be allocated to other property within the same room or even another In-bonded warehouse.
  • 10 doors in a 20,000 square foot warehouse to perform, among other services, loading and unloading maneuvers of overweight products for export after being cleared by the Mexican Customs.
  • Parking zone for 150 units along with their trailer and tractor, as well as leeway.